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Thank you for stopping by my photography and videography website.My name is Sulaah and I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember.  I touched my first film camera when I was in middle school in Park Slope, Brooklyn.It is there I would learn how to shoot black and white, particularly abstract photography. I learned how to  develop film in a dark room and that is where the seed was first planted and grow.  As I got older, I became heavily involved in the arts with  a deep sense of activism which would take root in writing and eventually land me in the entertainment realm. It is there that my passion for photography would once again be reunited and reignited. At the time, I used to walk around with a small point and shoot and would lend my photography skills to shooting musicians at events, until one day a friend of mine said to me, you have an eye for this and should take it more seriously.  Well, serious did happen in 2008 when the recession hit and photography became a profession.  I worked with many musicians, developed photography packages to market their brand and it is there my love for fashion photography would evolve. I would continue working until about 2010, when the earthquake hit Haiti.  I felt very helpless, so I packed up my bags and went to Haiti to work on my un-released documentary.  It is my hopes to get enough funding to complete the project the way I think it would do justice to the people of Haiti and to the many people who sat in the camps and trusted me with their stories, their pain and their hopes for a better Haiti.

In 2011, I went on hiatus, after the birth of my daughter and would return back in the spring of 2014 with a clear vision of where I wanted my career to go as a photographer and filmmaker.  Coming back has been such a blessing. I have been published several times, met some amazing people who are helping to push my career ahead and I just want to continue on that journey to tell stories through the lens whether it’s in still or motion.   I have seen many successes in my life professionally, but none is more important than the birth of my daughter where everything I do is in honor of her and the beauty of the world I see through her eyes. While I was on hiatus, I thought about if and when I come back to the world of entertainment, what will my contribution be? What direction will I go? I decided that I would follow my two main passion: Photography and Film. And through this medium, whether it’s photography or film, I will create art that stimulates dialogue.  Coming back has been amazing. I’ve met some pretty awesome people and hope to meet many more on this this beautiful  journey. If you need to reach me, you can contact me through any social networking site you prefer. Click on the icons at the bottom of the page or you can reach me directly at 347-871-6307. Love to hear from you. Please email me at sulaah2011@gmail.com

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Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — I hope you enjoy my site and the work that I’m doing.

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