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By SULAAH BIEN-AIME Power is an affliction that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. It is the source of all our wars, greed and racism. At its core is violence and to what […]

The Run

Written by Sulaah Bien-Aime I can’t recall when I started running. All I know is that there was a need for me to run until I couldn’t stop running. I can’t tell you why I […]

3 AM

Written By Sulaah Bien-Aime It’s 3 AM Like clockwork, she wakes up at this time. This is her time. This is her party time, this is her time to romanticize, what could be, what could […]

THE ART OF PROCRASTINATION WRITTEN BY SULAAH BIEN-AIME It’s 10:39pm and my final paper is due tomorrow at 3:00pm for my Technology and Culture class, which means that I have less than two hours to […]